The Monarch Golf Club has something to offer golfers at all levels. The Monarch Golf Club has been serving its members both on and off the course since 1997. You will discover that females and males can easily find their comfort zone. The Monarch has consistently been ranked one on the top courses in Central Florida. There are four tee boxes to offer an enjoyable round for all. One benefit of having four different tee boxes is that it offers the golfer an opportunity to play golf for many years. Another benefit is that the golfer can select the tee box where they feel most comfortable. A large percentage of club members had never golfed until they arrived at the Monarch; but they quickly realized that golf is a great game not only for the skills that they learn, but the socialization that results from being part of a great organization.

Below are some of the special offerings that are offered at the club.

For those golfers who like to compete, both males and females have weekly match play leagues. These are open to members of all skill levels and offer competition along with a chance to meet new friends. In addition, there is a weekly men’s and ladies event. This is low level competition where all you need to do is sign up on a weekly basis, no long commitment involved. Each week a different game is offered and different teams are arranged. The ladies also have a travel team for those who want a little more competition. They compete against other courses in the area. For the men, they have the Lake County Seniors, another chance to have more competition along with playing other courses. For men there are also two groups that either play from the gold tees or the black tees. New foursomes are created weekly, which guarantees the new member to quickly meet other members. Again for the females there is the weekly Putter-fly group. If you would love to just go out and have some fun at a very low competitive level and be involved in a fun group this would be for you. Every Friday this group starts with a nice lunch in our restaurant followed by a round of golf. Every Friday a different fun game is played. The Monarch Golf Club offers you every opportunity to have fun and meet people who are here for the same reason. For those men who are seventy years young, there is a group for you. Once a week they go out for a round of golf as a group and play from a shorter distance. Many of these men are on the course with other groups 5-6 times a week. It seems that they do not slow down.


If you still are looking for more fun times at the club, you can sign up for special tournaments. Some of the tournaments include: Sweetheart Open, Thanksgiving Open, Holiday Scramble plus many more along with our Annual Club Championship Tournaments. We cannot forget the Nifty Niners, every Tuesday this group meets for a fun nine-hole round of golf, some socializing and the option to have a nice dinner after your round. This event is very popular with new and current members. Did we mention that this event is another great way to meet new friends? Don’t forget golfers of all levels are welcome for all events.

What do we have to offer besides golf? There is the Crown and Shield Restaurant offering great meals at reasonable prices and a full service lounge. It’s a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of others. Don’t forget to check the restaurant schedule. Special events are always coming up. This includes Entertainment nights along with evenings of special menu items. If you are looking for a place where you can join friends and make new friends, the Crown and Shield is the place for you.